Technology, Gaming & Food – sound like a good mix?……………….

They say life is all about new experiences.  Broaden your horizons by trying something new.  Sounds great and I’m all for that.


However, last Friday it was brought home to me just what a technophobe I am!  I was treated to lunch at Inamo Restaurant in Soho by Lisa who had previously been on Growing Talent a year+ ago and was now working for an amazing Canadian company.  She was so excited and wanted to thank me for the support I’d given by taking me for lunch. It was fabulous to see how confident she is now.


Inamo has branches in Camden and Covent Garden as well as the one we went to in Soho.  The tables are ‘multitasking’ to say the least!  You can order food drinks, call a waiter, play games as well as watch the chefs prepare dishes and of course call for the bill!


For events they will transfer the games from the tables to the wall making it interactive for groups.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get mine to work.  How embarrassing when a team member cam over and said ‘a light touch madam – don’t bang the table so hard’!  Oops.  My technical faux pas didn’t spoil the lunch – Lisa was in fits of laughter!


This is a great venue for those looking to do more than just eat that are into Asian/Sushi food.

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