Everything in balance…………

Isn’t life strange?  Following a trying period when everything was going wrong and I least expected it, a number of great things happened.


I almost thought I’d have to cancel the Holistic Week entirely for Growing Talent as there was only one person left on it!  The rest had gone into work early.  But then the employer of two of the guys agreed to let them attend for the MHFA course and a couple of managers joined us.  It went ahead and was great fun…


Especially great to see the feedback on my personal delivery ……


‘Jane delivered in an engaging thought providing and accessible way.  She was excellent!’


Then I had notification from Shennell on Growing Talent 6 who had nominated me for a Mayor of London Award as an Amazing Woman – what an accolade.


Finally a message on Linkedin from Norma who was on The Real Apprentice programme I ran previously.  She was on the programme back in  2011. She was writing to tell me that following my advice and guidance she did go to Birkbeck University and graduated!  A massive achievement from where she was.


It’s uplifting to know I’ve made a difference.  We all need to know when we’ve done a great job so never miss an opportunity to thank people and tell them what a difference they’ve made to you.  Not only will it make them feel great, you will too!


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