Holistic Week – Day 3 – Art Attack!

Following the Mental Health First Aiders course, the Growing Talent Associates are ready for a little ‘RnR’.  What could be better than part one of their Art Project?


Following a morning of completing workshops including Hippy Dippy – getting the right amount of sleep, using the right brain, etc the guys were issued with a challenge to visit the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square to find a piece of art that ‘spoke’ to them – good or bad.  They then had to write down some information about the piece – artist, name of the work, and any background.  They then had to consider, how they felt looking at the work before finally deciding what question they would ask the artist if they could!


This process makes you look at art in a completely different light.  As the gallery has free admission, it’s logical to make use of it for our own well-being – a foundation ethos of Growing Talent’s Holistic Week!


After lunch they all left together to take up the challenge!


On returning Thursday morning we did part 2 of the Art challenge.  First we watched a great TedTalk video by Graham Shaw teaching the basics of cartoon drawing – proving we can all draw!  Then we did some blind drawing – so difficult not looking at the paper when drawing – hilarious results.  Finally the guys drew each other!  So much laughter in the room!


Robert joining Firmdale Hotels & Amar joining MitieTDM portrait drawing each other.


Natasha joining Firmdale Hotels and Charlie-Ray joining Portico silently concentrating.



Navin – MitieTDM and Katrina – Portico as professional as ever!


Poor Adeyinka taking his time getting Shennell’s features just right and she’s clearly bored!


All agreed this was therapeutic and fun.  You could almost touch the concentration in the air whilst they were drawing!

The final challenge was to draw the pieces that spoke to them at the National Gallery!  This drew gasps of what I can only describe as ‘excitement’ as some had picked really intricate pieces.  But all had a go.


So what were their thoughts on the Art project?

“The Gallery visit was inspirational and the drawing challenges showed I can do something relaxing during my breaks”


“It’s been years since I went to a Gallery in London.  This was education and relaxing.  The practical showed me that I can actually draw!  My cartoon character skills have shown me that”


“I loved the Gallery visit.  It was great to step out of busy London and mindfully look at the paintings.  The worksheet helped me look at art more inquisitively”


“At the Gallery I learnt about different types of art.  The art class was truly relaxing”


“The Gallery visit was very relaxing and gave me an opportunity to unwind.  The art class showed me how to use art as a way to remove negative emotions and make something beautiful”


“The Gallery trip was interesting and much needed.  The art class was fun and a blast!”


“Visiting the Gallery gave me an understanding of art.  The art class was  a lot of fun and relaxing”


“I didn’t go to the Gallery but did the art class.  I learnt even doodling can be quite relaxing and improved my concentration.”


“The art class was very relaxing and I am going to draw more when feeling stressed”


“This took me out of my comfort zone – which was good.  You can use art to combat everyday struggles”





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