Meet our Employer Rockstars on Growing Talent 28

Introducing our employer legends partnering Growing Talent 28 to identify and grow their own, new talent in situ from some fabulous, currently unemployed applicants.

It can be scary for employers to do things differently and disrupt the norm – especially around talent identification, but the results are game changing for the business and life changing for the individuals.

It’s inspirational for me to be part of this awesome journey…..

A massive thank you to the amazing people and their companies below:

Lauren, Lucy, Andy & Hannah Harvey Nash

Paul Bate from Masterfix GB Limited

Pedro Tsiamas FREC dip RP, Kirsty and their teams from Pertemps Network Group – #London and #heathrowairport


Kalece from #SuavePropertyCare

Collectively bringing more than 10 career starts in diverse areas including #engineering#propertyservices#administration #recruitmentresourcing#compliance #payroll#sales – the open door for some to take control of their lives, grow a career and make a real difference to them – and their new employers!


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