What a week it’s been!

Kicking off Monday working with a great homeless organisation that supports homeless people no matter the issue – addiction, mental ill health, unemployment or supporting them on their palliative journey by delivering I-act’s accredited positive mental health and wellbeing course which teaches critical self awareness and self care.

These two traits are critical in making sure we are ‘top of our game’. No one can thrive without making self-care non-negotiable and built into their daily routines. Several timed wellbeing windows throughout the day even just a few minutes each – delivers resilience to deal with everything.

Next followed a pilot of two courses for a leading University with for some of their pharmacology graduates just before setting off to start their careers – including one delegate joining from overseas. Following the I-act training, this time Understanding and Promoting Positive Mental Health and Well being the are now equipped with the tools to practice self-care to build their resilience and support those around them.

Final course of the week was I-act’s Managing and Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing for the academic and campus staff of a leading Uni. Seeing the growth in their belief of how self-care was for them to thrive is inspiring:

In between running these courses, I’ve networked and developed the employers to be involved in the next Growing Talent – Employers’ Speed Dating on 17 June. Knowing that anyone they select will undergo an intense orientation and holistic week, before joining them on their sites, which includes the I-act Managing and Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing, so will be self aware of the critical need to practice self-care and know the tools to use in supporting those around them as well as the emotional intelligence to manage conflict and behaviours in the workplace.

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