Welcome – more accredited Practitioners!

This week saw another collaborative session delivering #I-Act Understanding and Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing with delegates from a leading UK University – the first to gain ISO45003.

ISO45003 focuses on the psychological safety of the workplace for everyone in it removing the fear to speak out about issues that affect the team.

Raising confidence to notice a ‘change’ in ourselves as well as those around us enables early intervention, a smoother recovery and avert the spiralling decline into mental ill heath as negative emotions engulf us.

Our minds naturally have a ‘blueprint’ to overthink any risk it perceives to keep us safe. Practising windows of non-negotiable self-care every day builds our resilience to deal with low moods when they hit. This practice forms another ‘blueprint’ – one which challenges negative thought.

The tools and processes learned on the Practitioner and Manager level courses are critical to individuals, those around them – home and work – employer reputation, client relationships, staff retention, productivity and bottom line profits.

Why wouldn’t every employer ensure these two global, accredited courses, delivered virtually are in place?

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