The Power of Skype

I’ve always been impressed on Skype’s ability to keep family and friends in touch.  To be able to see someone when talking with them is so much more valuable than a faceless e-mail or telephone call.  It almost feels you are in the room with them.

Equally, I’ve found it frustrating at times Skyping Dubai to keep in touch with family.  The quality of the connection has always been a bit shakey – dipping in and out of clarity.

However, after an excellent session with Betsy Schwartz and her team from The National Council for Behavioral Health in Washington DC last night, I now know it’s not the distance in Skype that matters so much as the local internet connection!

The meeting with Betsy to discuss rollout of mental health training in the business world was excellent.  We exchanged knowledge and ideas easily.  I’ve a mind now to look on Skype in a better light and use for more business meetings now – will save huge sums in travel costs!!!

If you haven’t already embraced Skype – do so.  It’s free and with the right internet connections a great way to stay in touch!