Are you prepared?

Getting a job is a job in itself.  We know this.  We plan and prepare our interviews, we research the companies we may meet.  But are we really prepared for employment?


We ask questions about the role, the company, progression and training opportunities but do we ever ask what hiring documents might be needed?  Rarely if ever is my experience.


How many times have we put important documents in such a ‘secure’ place we forget where that place is?  Then when asked we can’t find them easily!


Every employer has to prove they have done their best to ensure every employee has the right to work in the UK – including UK born nationals!  There is a list of acceptable documentation on the Home Office website.  Two core documents are either a passport – where the picture still looks like you even if the passport itself has expired – or a full birth certificate showing parents details.


Most of us can lay our hands on a passport – most use it annually for holidays.  A Birth Certificate is something everyone has.  It isn’t something that has to be renewed periodically at a cost.  Equally, it isn’t something that is used that often!


Make sure you have all the essential documentation to hand before you get to interview stage.  this way, you are always ‘good to go’!

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