Orientation Week – Communication – Hello!

Have you ever thought about communicating before doing so?

Most people don’t.  There is no preparation on what we are going to say, how we are going to say it, are we using the right words?, how might it be received? have we conveyed the right message?

Then of course we need to consider the best method of communicating – text, WhatsApp, email, letter, telephone and so on.

Add to that non-verbal cues, reflection, annunciation, spatial awareness, volume, body language – communicating can be a nightmare!

Ronan Keating said ‘you say it best when you say nothing at all’ – how true that can be!

So Jade who owns Customer Care First,  joined us to deliver an interactive 2 hour workshop on all aspects of communication.


Jade task

In the feature photo we see the guys taking up Jade’s task of getting in order by date and month of birth – without talking!

Drew and Navin backto back

Drew is giving Navin instructions to draw an object without using any body language at all!


Communication clients

Above, Robert, Amar, Navin, Kelly and Katrina are coming up with acceptable and unacceptable conversation topics with customers.


Below, Natasha, Adeyinka, Heaven, Drew, Bernie and Charlie-Ray are deciding the same but for colleagues encouraged by Shennell and Jade.

Team 2 jade


Jade wanting answers

Jade after answers from Adeyinka and Kelly!


All in all, an exhausting informative workshop.  Views from the guys:


‘Jade was amazing.  Taught me a lot about communication’

‘Very helpful’

‘Really good.  She was really brill’

‘Learned a lot about communicating better in a work environment’

‘Very useful – especially the non-verbal cues’

‘Loved it!’

‘Fun and informative’

‘Valuable information’

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