News distraction?

It seems the only news worldwide is Coronavirus.

Forced lockdown takes away our control to make our own decisions.

Those that always wanted to work from home are now forced to, if they haven’t lost their jobs, and hate it!

Teenagers who ‘hate school’ now loath being at home!  In many homes right now we have both causing family tensions.

Equally we have key workers – who are also people with families and friends – risking their health everyday to keep essential services going.  We hear regularly about the NHS, supermarket workers and couriers.  But it was only on reading a piece in The Times newspaper yesterday by Libby Purves @lib_thinks that I thought about those bringing goods to our shores namely Seafarers.


I did some work last year with a Japanese international cargo shipping line and learned about the life, hardships, isolation and mental health issues endured by many.  Add into this the global lockdown due to Coronavirus, the issues endured by seafarers has spiked.


It made me reflect on the fact whilst I am lockdown at home with no freedom of movement, I do have a small garden to escape into.  I also have excellent wifi and can see and hear family and friends anytime I want through Skype, Zoom, FaceTime etc.


But what about the global seafarers?  Far from home, stuck on a ship unable to self isolate and worried sick about family and friends they cannot see or hear because wifi isn’t always that brilliant at sea.  Add to this all 200 Missions for Seafarers in ports globally have closed, countries are ‘lockdown’ so going ashore is out of the question.  Left alone and isolated – how would you feel?


Before the pandemic and lockdown Co-Vid19 brought, over 2000 Seafarers died each year – many by suicide.  How many more will die with the additional restrictions in place?


I for one will stop and think about them next time I feel frustrated at having to work from home.


Let’s all hope the Seafarers will all get through this pandemic and back to their families safely.

Respect and thanks to all striving to get our goods to us across the global seas.

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