New month, new outlook maybe?

It seems like Covid-19/Coronavirus has always been with us! As a new month dawns, we can be forgiven for feeling it will be with us forever!

At a time when we are all feeling the pressure of the continually changing situation with no end in sight, it’s easy to let our negative thoughts take over and slip into a negative spiral. Perfectly natural behaviour for humans but not at all empowering nor nurturing.

I came across this feature on the global flu pandemic of 1918 written by Richard Gunderman and updated in August 2019:

This feature busted number of myths. I wonder how many of the information about Covid-19/Coronavirus will be deemed ‘myths’ once this pandemic is over. Check it out for yourself.

Some myths in 1918 included:

25 million people were killed in the first six months globally sparking fears this was a ‘super virus that would wipe out humankind’. Following the end of the pandemic a rational look at the ‘fears’ reveals they were myths but, I feel, not dissimilar to our fears today about Covid-19/Coronavirus. Remember the First World War was still in place in 2018:

“Much of the high death rate can be attributed to crowding in military camps and urban environments, as well as poor nutrition and sanitation, which suffered during wartime. It’s now thought that many of the deaths were due to the development of bacterial pneumonias in lungs weakened by influenza.”

Even though we are still in the middle of our pandemic today, researchers/scientists have considered a higher death rate amongst our citizens living in poverty/overcrowding. Sounds logical and makes me question how much have we really learned from history?

Thankfully we now have an annual flu vaccine for our elderly and vulnerable citizens.

A key thing I took away from this piece by Richard, what how overwhelming it must have been to live through the pandemic of 1918 BUT, it did end. Covid-19/Coronarivus will end too.

If we can dig deep to get the strength and courage to stop wasting energy focussing on things we have no control over – Covid-19, Brexit, Weather etc – instead, reflect on where we are and where we want to be to enable us to start plotting small targets to get to that overall goal instead of running through life on automatic pilot, how much more would our resilience and empowerment grow?

Let’s switch off all the negative news, stop looking at social media, stop listening to negative people and learn some positivity tools.

If we plan where we want to be this time next year with small achievable targets in the journey, we might actually get there. Just how empowering would that be? Let’s grab hold of the opportunity this new month brings….

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