Opportunity from Adversity???

Reading the press and business reports, it would seem opportunity is everywhere – even during a global pandemic.

What’s needed is self-belief, innovative thinking to do things a different way and definitely no overthinking – otherwise we’d talk ourselves out of doing anything!

From the feature below, entrepreneurs are seizing the day, recruiting and growing their business.

Other businesses are taking sales online using technology to sell their products, keep their supply chain thriving and their own business growing like Beavertown Brewery below….

Today we saw the fearless spirit of Maggie Keenan – the first UK resident to get the first stage covid-19 vaccine – a week shy of her 91st birthday! Encouraging her peers to do the same.

Also today the world lost General Chuck Yeager – the first person to break the sound barrier who has died at the age of 97. What was remarkable was his fearless spirit! Checkout the link below.


In his 1985 biography he said ‘…by the time I go I won’t have done much but I won’t have missed much either and I won’t have a frown on my face’

Let’s all have the courage, self-belief and spirit to seize the day and every opportunity that comes our way so we ‘don’t miss much either’!

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