‘Loose lips sinks ships’

This was a famous wartime poster meaning talking without a thought of the consequences could get people killed during the war.

The state of fear and uncertainty spreading in the UK now from the same ‘loose lips’ only now battle ships aren’t sunk, people are. People who are already struggling with their mental health, those who are alone and isolated understandably overthink what they hear to the most disastrous extremes in some cases. We’ve seen reports from charities of an increase in the suicide rate.

Politicians and media don’t appear to be thinking before they speak. They don’t publish the whole facts. A stark example for me is the coverage of the new variant of Covid-19 in the UK. The reporting by UK media and press briefings by our Government give part of the picture. ‘The new variant is out of control’ – not the wisest words from a Government minister. This fear has seen 40 countries ban UK travellers as they obviously don’t want the new variant.

Growing anxiety stems from these sources. I’ve only seen one brief report by a scientist explaining all viruses mutate. We see this every year with the annual arrival of flu. The new strain is thought to have happened in someone with an immune suppressed system where the virus mutated to spread quicker.

The scientist went on to explain the UK has one of the best Geno systems for identifying these changes. It doesn’t mean we are the only country to experience it but are one of the first to state it. Further brief reports have shown mutated strains of the virus are already in Europe. I wonder if these facts were published along with the usual ‘this virus is out of control’ thanks Matt Hancock MP, would we be the pariah of the world with 40 countries banning our travellers, imports/exports or would the world be working together to find a solution?

Currently, everything seems negative with no light in sight. However, we know this isn’t the case.

At the moment everything is as grey as these clouds. Give it time the sun will rise again as these pictures illustrate taken this morning just a few meters and a couple of hours apart.

I’m going to stop listening to the ‘news’. None of it is balanced and it only serves to increase frustration.

Instead, I’m going to set myself some challenges in the run up to Christmas. By the end of this week I aim to:

  1. Have written a short children’s story
  2. Devised one new thing I will start in January
  3. Set a new habit to enhance my self-care

What about you? will you switch off the news and do something more positive yourself?

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