Challenge 1 from Loose Lips Post

In my post earlier – ‘Loose Lips Sinks Ships’ I set myself three challenges to focus on this week as a distraction from the doom and gloom news around the global pandemic. The first was to write a short children’s story which I’ve done!

It feels great to complete a challenge set – have you completed any challenges you set yourself this Christmas?

Check out my short story below about a very special, clever pirate – it won’t win any literally prizes but I feel a glow of satisfaction knowing I’ve completed one of the three challenges I set myself this Christmas.

Whatever you are doing, have a peaceful time this Christmas……..

Pirate Prince Toby who changed the Pirate Code

Many years ago on Crossbones Island out in the middle of the Mediterranean – that’s a big sea where it’s very warm all year round and the brightest, sparkliest colour blue you’ve ever seen – lived A Pirate Prince called Toby.

Pirates are usually horrible.  They scare people and aren’t kind but Pirate Prince Toby was different.  He was kind and helpful.

His mum and dad, the King and Queen couldn’t understand why he didn’t follow the ‘Pirate Code’ like his friends.

Now the Pirate Code is a set of rules saying pirates are not very nice.

‘Toby why aren’t you like other pirates?’  The Queen asked.

‘It’s nicer to be kind and helpful.  Why do I have to be like everyone else?’ asked Pirate Prince Toby.

Now this made the Queen think.  She couldn’t answer Pirate Prince Toby’s questions. Could it be her son was right? Why did he have to be like everyone else?

The annual sports day was looming.  Many Kings and Queens were coming from neighbouring islands.  Pirate Prince Toby made sure everyone was happy and ready for their races.  He was entered into the childrens’ running race.  

As they lined up, The King of Crossbones Island – Pirate Prince Toby’s dad – started the race by setting off a bright yellow firework.  It flew high up into the warm, blue sky before exploding with a very loud bang.

Everyone on the start line set off but as the bang rang out, a little girl pirate burst into tears.  The sound of the firework had scared her.  Pirate Prince Toby ran back to the girl and gave her a hug telling her it’s ok to be scared by the bang and they could run the race together if she would like.  Her tears dried and she gave a shy smile.

A strange thing happened as they started to run – all the other child pirates, by now far ahead, stopped and turned around.  They ran back to Pirate Prince Toby and the girl.  ‘You are right Pirate Prince Toby – it is better to be kind’ the others said.  They all run the race at the same speed so they were all joint winners!

The Pirate King and Queen of Crossbones Island were very proud of their son, Pirate Prince Toby.  The Pirate King said ‘Pirate Prince Toby, you have shown all of us that kindness is better than being horrible.  Today I decree a new Pirate Code.  All pirates will be kind to each other, helping everyone where they need help and respect each other – that is the greatest treasure of all’.

Everyone agreed and a loud cheer rang out across the islands who from that day forth were known as the ‘Pirate Islands of Kindness and Togetherness’.

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