National Essay Day

Did you know there was one? I didn’t, but what a great idea!

Scheduled for 28 February 2021, the idea came about to re-ignite a love of writing without the enforced subject matter or deadlines of education – which is likely the last time many of us wrote an essay!

Imagine the possibilities of writing about a subject you were passionate about in your own time, for your own enjoyment?

The positive impact of writing is well researched and published. From journals to record our moods, things we’re grateful for, progress journey etc. The medical profession has published papers showing the positive impact on immune systems. Where patients took to keeping a journal, their recovery times speeded up.

On this notable day, why not drop the automatic reach for the laptop/desktop instead reach for the pen and paper? Allow your mind to embrace something new which will energise us and possibly unlock a new hobby/career.

What would your essay be about?

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