EI – Just a fad or a key business tool?

Businesses have undergone a a sea change – unforeseen and unplanned – due to the pandemic. The same sea change has happened to their employees.

What can help both business and employees flourish? – Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Wikipedia’s definition:

“EI is the ability to perceive, use, understand and manage emotions in ourselves and others. The term first appeared in 1964 but gained popularity in Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman in 1995 – a best seller. Goleman defined EI as the array of skills and characteristics that drive leadership and performance”

Let’s think about that for a minute ‘an array of characteristics that drive leadership and performance’ – so how can we ignore EI. Isn’t now, more than ever, the time we need strong leadership and performance to ensure our businesses and employees flourish?

So, what can businesses do right now to grow the EI of their teams and ultimately businesses?

Adapt, change what you’ve done traditionally. Recognise EI as a real tool for your business’s survival and growth.

ISO45003 is the new international standards guidelines issued this summer. Global agreement focussing on EI. Everyone can’t be wrong!

We don’t know what the coming months will bring with the twists and turns of the pandemic but we do know from reflecting back over this time, we’re adaptable. With the aid of technology we can build EI virtually.

Empowering our employees to be as resilient, adaptable and strong for whatever the coming months bring and beyond.

Is now the right time for your business to consider EI training with accredited EI course and/or bespoke workshops on empowerment, resilience etc?

Take a look at the virtual workshops and courses I deliver on the home page of this website.

Can you afford not to take Emotional Intelligence seriously?

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