Always training but always learning too!

Running Growing Talent ( – both classroom and virtual versions, as well as delivering bespoke workshops and accredited mental health/wellbeing training I know the importance of making sure I stay fresh and current through education.

I’ve written blogs previously on the short courses I’ve undertaken online during the journey of Covid 19. Now more than ever it feels critical to ensure all workplaces and their people have the tools to thrive not just survive.

With this in mind, I’ve invested in the renowned global programme – Genos – Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Certification. I love their strapeline ‘ Game changing for business. Life changing for people’.

This is an eight week programme with a robust material and audit process as you can see below!

Maya Angelou said “people will forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel”.

This is so true. We can all remember how we felt – how people made us feel a strong emotion – years later. Whether the emotion was a positive or negative one, we remember how we were made to feel.

The power of communication is critical yet not taught at school, college, university or the home.

Communication is a fundamental building block of all the training I deliver from Growing Talent to Finding Your Why and other bespoke workshops. It’s also a key component in the style I deliver accredited programmes to ensure inclusivity and accessibility for all taking part.

I’ve always believed it critical to think what I am going to say, how and where I’m going to say it, who am I going to say it too. Will they receive it as I intended?

There is so much to communication, it’s a gift we never master. But we can strive to continually learn.

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