Kindness – the essential human ingredient – what about business? Are the sands shifting?

Within the space of less than a year, two legends of the acting world have passed.  Dame Barbara Windsor in December 2020 and Una Stubbs just recently.  They have a catalogue of diverse roles they made their own over the decades which will live on for years to come – thanks to the power of TV repeats and videos.  Many will have favourite roles that resonated with them at particular points in their life.

Reflecting on their achievements and the outpouring of tributes online and in the press, something about their behaviour struck me.  The overall consensus of tributes for both spoke of their overriding kindness.  Each had time for fans, gave encouragement to upcoming talent, were kind and respectful to everyone they worked with – not just those who might benefit their careers – were always positive – even when things didn’t go as expected.

With no social media, reality tv and therefore no opportunity for ‘instant fame’ when Barbara and Una started their careers, they had to work their way up over years to the stardom they eventually reached.  This journey made them adaptable, resilient and positive enabling them to deal with knockbacks.

Can we honestly say we always: 

  • make time for everyone? 
  • we listen respectfully to all – even if we don’t agree with them? 
  • show everyone kindness? 
  • remain positive no matter what the situation?

How much better would we, our family, our friends, our community and our businesses be if we thought consciously about how we “turn up”, our behaviours and the impact they have? 

There is strong evidence how we turn up impacts others’ behaviours #EmotionalIntelligence. This is why CEO’s are terming themselves Chief Empathy Officers aware how their teams feel and behave impact their business. It’s also why switched-on businesses are starting to roll out Emotional Intelligent Assessments for all the staff.  Mapping where employees feel they are, where their peers and line management feel they are, where they fit on a global scale, identification of any gaps and development tools to close these gaps is becoming a more requested service.

Just think, where do you sit?  What impact do you make? How will you be remembered?

Every business needs emotionally intelligent people to thrive – so do humans.

It seems to me kindness is the essential ingredient full stop.

What about you? Is kindness an essential ingredient for you?

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