Sadeeq moves on……

In London for a meeting yesterday with ISS Facilities Services to talk about joining up their excellent Armed Forces programme and Growing Talent when I saw a beaming smile across the room. I’d know that smile anywhere – Sadeeq!

Joining Growing Talent in February 2016, Sadeeq completed and joined Mitie Document Services, now Swiss Post Solutions where his confidence has grown year on year.

After six years solid employment, Sadeeq has embraced a new career opportunity, leaving the comfort zone he’s thrived in to move to a new company that will enable him to flourish still further.

“It all started with you. Without you, I wouldn’t….’ I had to cut Sadeeq off here and remind him, I only unlock what is already there.

When we believe in ourselves and accept every challenge presented we soar.

Growing Talent wishes Sadeeq an amazing journey ahead as he steps into a new career horizon.

It’s been an honour to walk some of the journey with you……

Go Sadeeq – it’s your time to shine

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