Has someone inspired you?

Tell them!

I noticed on LinkedIn that someone who had been a Real Apprentice (work experience programmed I devised and run 2004-2013 for unemployed people) had endorsed me for multiple skills.

How kind to be remembered so many years later. Now an Operations Director they took the time to do this kindness which has motivated me no end!

Sending a message back thanking them, I received the quote in the image.

This serves as a great reminder. If someone has inspired you, let them know – even if it is years later you will make more of a positive impact than you can imagine.

Thinking back to the Real Apprentice days, the programme won multiple awards year on year including a one of European award in 2012. Of course, the employer I worked for at the time loved the spotlight of these awards as it set them apart from their competitors.

I wonder how much more successful they would have been if they had focussed on the important stuff – 75% of the unemployed, non-confident participants secured permanent jobs. Many, like the person I refer to above, are now in senior management positions, others have started their own businesses – all have been empowered to change their lives.

It doesn’t take much to empower others, include them, make them feel they belong. If all employers focussed on this rather than their profits – I wonder if their profits would naturally grow more than they ever thought possible!

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