A different way to take pressure of teams maybe?

“Art blows away the dust of life from the soul” Pablo Picasso – it also feeds the mind to be innovative, creative and energised….. especially for workplace teams working on projects/to deadline.

Visiting Frameless at Marble Arch with Rehana yesterday, neither of us knew what to expect.  We’d seen the information on line but not really embraced the description of ‘immersive art’ really would be that immersive! 

We do an art workshop on Growing Talent.  Early on this included a visit to the National Gallery where everyone had a project note they couldn’t open until they got there.  Of course, they had to provide photographic evidence they went there in person and didn’t do the project on line!

The Growing Talent project was to find a painting or piece of art that speaks to you – good or bad.  Then answer a series of questions and take a photo of the piece in question – not knowing they had to replicate their chosen piece!

The above is a little more immersive than just visiting an exhibition, but nothing like Frameless.

Four themed rooms show artists’ work from that genre set against sound effects and atmospheric music.  All walls, ceilings and floors in the rooms were engulfed in the artwork so visitors were truly immersed.  Babies, young children, adults of all ages were mesmerised by their senses being so engaged and their mind being so calm.

Beyond Reality

This was the room I thought I’d like least – symbolism to post-impression.  In other words Dali, Bosch, Klimt (Anna at JobCentre Plus and key cheerleader for Growing Talent’s fav artist), Munch to name but a few.  Being immersed in their key pieces with music and mirrors gave it a completely different slant.  Seeing parts of these paintings covering our feet before crawling up the wall to join the main piece is really hard to describe.

Colour in Motion

This was so interactive.  The art displayed were classics from Vincent van Gogh, Paul Signac, Claude Monet to name a few.  As the paintings fell from the wall, they landed separately in coloured piles on the floor – like an artist’s pallet – which young and old could then play with and the installation kept their moves. It was awesome to see children and adults of all ages making angel shapes on the floor and kicking ‘leaves’ as they walked across the room.

The World Around Us

Was just as interactive.  Using work by Cezanne, Canaletto, Rembrandt, diverse scenes of a ship in a storm, tree, butterflies and insects – fluttering on the floor! – interacted with Canaletto’s piece which had bustling voices and parts of the scene which moved towards you.

Everyone was walking around with wide smiles.

The Art of Abstraction

Was definitely something new for me.  We felt like we were in a Pink Panther movie with the music played and art immersion!  Using diverse shaped screens, gave different views of key pieces from Kandinsky, Mondrian, Malevich came to life.

Employers invest a lot of money in team building workshops.  Frameless is accessible for a lot less.

Rehana and I had lots of ideas following the couple of hours we spent at this unique venue.  The human mind is it’s most innovative when it’s calm and allowed to immerse in something completely different.

If you have a team in London why not empower them to innovate more and connect together better by setting your next meeting after a visit here?  

The investment will pay off in multiple ways.

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