So inspiring to deliver this global, proactive, accredited knowledge to Associate Language Tutors at one of the UK’s leading universities – the first to gain #ISO45003 accreditation – over two evenings this week to fit in with their roles training others!

Associate tutors hold down a number of teaching posts, whilst supporting their students – academically and emotionally – being there for family, friends, community – before even thinking of their own well-being!

Despite being exhausted from the day’s teaching, everyone engaged, shared and learned together both evenings.

At the start of the first evening all viewed self-care as something that was important when they felt under pressure and/or had time – but not critical. This completely changed in the end poll taken last night with a 100% swing to critical!

Now armed with tools and techniques to help themselves as well as those around them.

Learning never ends for any of us!

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