Military Reboot!

Question: What is ‘Military Reboot’?

Answer: a collaborative journey to reveal the hidden talents all spouses, partners and adult children of serving Armed Forces personnel have – but may not realise they do.

It’s easy to forget spouses, partners and children serve as well! Families are the strength behind everyone serving. Their partner/spouse or parent can focus on their chosen role to defend our country because of this strength.

We’ve used some of the awesome skills these powerful people have to make up the Military Reboot logo:

Strength: The strength to take away the pressures of family life from the serving partner enabling them to focus on their job.

Courage: The courage to regularly start over building new homes on new bases

Tolerance: Tolerant of ‘duty first’ and the pressures that brings to family life

Encouragement: Encouraging all in their family unit to thrive as well as supporting their local Armed Forces community

Leadership: The leadership to take responsibility for decisions at home when their partner is away.

Honour: Pride and honour to support the Armed Forces family in serving the country and crown.

Valour: Often used in Armed Forces to depict courage and bravery especially in the face of battle. As far as Military Reboot is concerned, valour illustrates the same courage and strength that spouses, partners and adult children show everyday supporting their loved one whilst establishing their place.

Organisation: The awesome level of organisation and resolve in setting-up a new home at regular intervals, changing schools, the organisation of logistics in the actual move as well as building new social connections.

The focus of Military Reboot is to grow confidence and empowerment to enable you to consider your own roadmap ahead. We will cover skills to consider your next chapters – whatever that may be – including what to consider to reach your goals.

We will explore basic finance, nutrition, wellbeing, communication, assertiveness, impact of behaviours on those around us, making better connections, moving to employment/changing current job as well as the global I-act accredited positive mental health and wellbeing course outlines below.

This free, virtual week includes two robust manuals – which will be sent to your home address in advance – for onward learning.

Check out the flyer below for more information.

Why include the I-act training? Well, take a look at the 10 core benefits below. The most important focus of the course is self-care.

Places are limited and completely free. Want one?

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