Military Reboot!

What is the ‘Military Reboot’? an intensive, collaborative programme designed to reboot skills and mindsets from those critical for life as a spouse, partner or child of serving armed Forces personnel to those critical skills and mindsets for civilian life.

It’s easy to forget spouses, partners and children serve as well!

The awesome skills these powerful people have from their life in the Forces make up the Military Reboot logo. These skills are critical in civilian life and desired by employers.

If you are a spouse, partner or adult child of ex-Forces personnel – hold your mobile phone camera over the QR code to check out what’s on offer.

I’ve written and will deliver this week long programme in partnership with JointForcesISS. What do they think of Military Reboot?

“We are pleased to be working with Jane James on the exciting Military Reboot programme. Designed to support Spouses, Partners and dependents on rebooting existing skills. Join our free, military reboot to empower you on your new chapter in civilian life” JointForces@ISS

Closing date for registrations via QR code on Eventbrite is 22.8.22 to allow distribution of manuals in time for the Military Reboot to start.