Control what you can!

Unusually the office was pretty oppressive. The blinds and curtains had been drawn to reduce the pressure on the air con system in the current heatwave.

Mindful of the fact we can only control ourselves, we decided to hold our finance workshop outside in the shade!

Of course we followed this up with a wellbeing window of sketching a piece of the London skyline!

After a week of full-on learning and qualification in Managing Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing, Luiz, Manny and Haajarah have a free day today to relax and reflect before going to their respective employer sites for the in-role training section of Growing Talent.

Haarajah joins Pedro and the team at Pertemps in Holborn

Luiz joins Aiste and the team at Portico across their London sites

Manny joins Michael and his team at ISS Facilities Services in London

We wish them all a fabulous time of growth and connection ahead.

Thrive – not just survive at work!

As part of our Personal Empowerment, Building Better Connections and Wellbeing Windows masterclasses, we did some cartoon sketching and had a lot of laughs!

Haajarah’d sketches are in the feature at the top. She joins Pertemps in Holborn on Monday on the next stage of her Growing Talent journey.

Here’s Manny’s….. he’s joining Michael and the team at ISS

Lastly Luiz … he’s joining Aiste’s Elite Team with Portico..

It’s really important we all take care of our wellbeing to ensure we thrive at work and home. 

Anyone for a cartoon workshop?

#resilience #wellbeing #critical

Spreading the word & learning together!

Yesterday saw collaboration with Growing Talent and senior academic staff from a UK leading university – the first to win ISO45003 international standards for workplace psychological wellbeing – to secure accreditation as I-act Managing and Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing.

The 50+ tools covered enable strong resilience to be built for all staff enabling them to support those around them – at home and work.

Every workplace should have this invaluable course. Luckily it’s global too!

Is your workplace and people thriving right now?

Bloom where you are planted – Rehana did!

So great to be part of Rehana’s journey over the years.

From being part of Growing Talent through which she secured long term employment, to going into full-time study and starting a creative business to help fund the cost, she has taken every twist and turn into a step to get to where she needed to be. 

Today she got the results she’s been waiting for – a qualified Counsellor! She will be awesome!

#tenacity #vision #bloomwhereyouareplanted

Time to let their light shine!

The 30th Orientation and Holistic week begins today …… can you believe it? Eight years of journeying with employers and the unemployed on a pathway that changed many lives and enhanced many teams.

Time for Haarajah, Luiz and Manny to let their light shine as they start Growing Talent with the destination of careers with Pertemps, Portico and ISSWorld

What a ride ahead for all involved!

Military Reboot!

Hugely proud to be involved with the excellent work JointForces@ISS are doing with ex-Forces personnel – especially their spouses, partners and adult children over 18.

It’s easy to forget they all serve too!

Please share the link below with anyone you know in these categories.

Fabulous learning together….

Today saw the delivery of the latest I-act Managing and Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing to member of the academic staff of a leading UK University – the first to be accredited with ISO45003 – the latest international standards for psychological safety in the workplace.


I-act’s courses are designed specifically for the workplace and meets many points within ISO45003.  In addition, the course is accredited by the Royal College of Psychiatrists giving a real qualification and teaches the critical need for investing in self-care with over 50 tools.


In these critical times, it’s refreshing to work with employers who invest in their teams which delivers a positive impact  on all.

A Hidden gem is revealed…

The picture below features Jay – manager to Shari @Masterfix – view after the first week of Growing Talent 29! Scoring the majority of 9 and 10 out of 10 for all employability areas Shari has talked every task given to her with enthusiasm and energy to learn.

From Shari’s point of view, it’s still early days. This is a completely new environment – out of her comfort zone but she’s keeping an open mind and learning, learning, learning.

What a fabulous start!Master-fix

If you are an employer looking to recruit a different way, why not consider Growing Talent and literally ‘Grow Your Own’!

Equally, if you are looking for a role and need a confidence boost, why not drop the usual recruitment tools – cv, formal job interview – willing to learn, jump out of your comfort zone like Shari – why not apply?