Diversity or not Diversity – when is it really an issue?

Recently there has been a media scramble over the injustice of what women have to wear to work in the UK compared to male counterparts.


Over the weekend uproar has erupted over Muirfield’s decision to remain a male members club and continue their long tradition of male only members –  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-36337914.


This decision has cost them the future consideration to be host of the Open Championship – a prestigious event in golf and money spinner for local businesses.  There has been an outcry over women’s right to join this club.


Yet again the media seems to stoke the ‘diversity’ fire without balance.  Why doesn’t the WI admit male members?  There are a lot of male, single parents who manage a household as well as the children and would probably welcome the knowledge and support of people (both sexes) in the same position.


Does the media feel we are all too stupid to form an opinion if given all the information?  I guess inflammatory headlines sell papers .


Is the fact we live in a country where private members clubs such as Muirfield and WI can set gender exclusion barriers testament to our freedoms?  Or should all clubs/institutions be open to all – mandatory?



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