The start of a B/H weekend – how are you starting yours?

Some of the office team have decided a good way to blow away the stresses of the week is to jump out of a plan strapped to a complete stranger, literally putting your life in their hands!


Care After Combat, set-up and fronted by Jim Davidson, is a charity supporting ex-service personnel integrate back into ‘Civvy Street’ at the end of their life of active duty.


Almost £30K has been raised for the charity this year – £4K of it from the tandem parachute jump today by Allen, Mark and Laura.


Care After Combat are a charity based in Farnham, Portsmouth, set-up by Jim Davdson who support veterans in the area.  Apart from fundraising, the charity has three core programmes:


Phoenix aims to reduce reoffending amongst veterans.  Adjusting to life outside the confines of the Forces is tough when you’ve had the adrenaline rush every day of not knowing what dangers you would face ahead.  Family life and work can be very boring in compariso.  It’s a quick path for some into self medication and a world of crime.  Phoenix supports over 148 veterans across 25 prisons.  Their residence – Simon Western House – has 12 self contained flats to support those in need leaving prison on the transition back to ‘normal’ life.  At the time of writing, 8 of the flats are in use and several have moved into permanent homes and jobs.


Footprints supports veterans affected by alcohol misuse – which is much higher than the usual level for the general population.  This misuse is pivotal in behaviour, functionality, breakdown of families, jobs etc.  With psychological support from Dr Nicholas Murdoch PhD MA BA(Hons) RGN a comprehensive intervention is delivered ensuring veterans learn better copying mechanisms.


Carp After Combat – a fishy pun for a unique programme using fishing as a therapy and a fundraising activity.  “Carp fishing allows us at Carp after Combat the opportunity to enhance Veterans physical and mental well-being, and giving something back to those who have given their all for us, is something I feel passionately about.” Dave Coates, Chairman.

To leave the safety of the office for the unknown of parachute jumping takes a lot of courage – even if it is for a good cause!  Respect to Allen, Mark and Lauren!
Whether jumping out of a plane or doing something more sedate, enjoy your Bank Holiday!


Result:  The team raised over £4,340 for the charity – well done everyone!

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