It’s amazing the UK takes years – literally – to remove illegal immigrants but someone who has lived, studied and worked here continually for the last 10 years paying full tax and National Insurance has just been given 60 days notice to leave the UK.  Her employers – a global organisation – on learning this, terminated her employment immediately.


How can this be right?


I totally understand and agree people who have no right to be here, who haven’t worked or contributed to the country’s taxes should be removed immediately.  Especially criminals, those who spread hate etc.


Why not set a barrier – maybe those who were here legally before say 2014 would have their cases looked at individually not as a ‘tick box’ exercise.


It seems wholly tasteless to wreck someone’s life who has put so much into the UK.


Shouldn’t we focus time, energy and resources to removing criminals who have no right to be here…….

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