Acting on instinct………

An excellent story in The Metro this morning of taxi owner/driver Satbir Arora who had the courage to listen to his ‘inner supervisor’.


You can read the full story on the link below.  In short, the taxi had been booked by a male but the sole passenger picked-up was a young female teenager.  Satbir grew concerned and called his wife – also co-owner of the taxi business – who asked the girl some questions before calling the police.


Thankfully, in this instance the girl was saved from a potentially life threatening experience thanks to Satbir and his wife’s quick thinking.  How many times do we think ‘that doesn’t seem right’ but then fear of ‘interfering’ takes over and we say nothing?


The famous African proverb springs to mind ‘it takes a village to raise a child’.  Times have changed.  It is often easier to turn away rather than step in.  But what does that say about our society?


Hero taxi driver saved 13-year-old from paedophile who planned to kidnap her



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