Euston – do we have lift off….. for a brilliant idea?

In the moon landing era of the 1960s it was of course Houston not Euston.  Today, it was reported in the press Euston Train station came up with the brilliant idea of opening and welcoming the homeless for Christmas Day as no trains run.


Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?


The term ‘homeless’ doesn’t represent reality.  Some homeless people don’t live on the streets.  They may live in temporary accommodation or sleep on friend’s settees etc.  Some street  sleepers  don’t want to leave the streets but would welcome the company of others and shelter on Christmas Day.


Crisis has been running a successful few day service each Christmas providing beds, food, clothes, showers, hairdressers, doctors, dentists etc for a umber of years.  They are expert at this much needed pop-up service.  Imagine what could be achieved if all train stations opened their doors for Christmas Day and partnered Crisis to deliver a fantastic offering.


The real meaning of Christmas maybe?

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