True Grit!

What an amazing story, what an amazing, positive  role model.


Describing herself as ‘a girl who liked to run…’ she was the first female to enter the Boston Marathon in 1967.  Even though she was registered, you can clearly see an official trying to force her off in the feature photo.


Her determination paid off.  She completed that marathon and may others since including taking part in the London Marathon 2018 held on 22 April prodding wearing her 261 badge number.  At 71 she glows health and vitality.


Although not a household name outside the world of running, she surely should be.  With a clear goal of what she wanted to achieve for herself in being allowed to run, she opened the barriers for others to follow.


Isn’t this a great lesson for us all?  Determination, patience, true grit will deliver the results you want and change hearts and minds along the way.


We are only bound my our own mind’s limitations…….  Ignore these perceptions, and anything is possible and achievable.

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