The benefits of an employer’s conscious awareness..

Commissioned to devise a two hour workshop earlier this year by a client who wanted their supervisory team to recognise how to build a cohesive team by using Emotional Intelligence cues and the core leadership competency of Self-Awareness, I’ve just received a request to repeat the workshop with another team!

For a client to have the conscious awareness of the importance of investing in this training to reduce the risk to their business of staff burnout, churn, negative brand reputation, employment tribunal challenges clearly shows business acumen as well as moral ethics. Inspiring.

Devising a workbook – front cover above – for use during the workshop as well as for onward development, during the workshop we collaborated our ideas on the content and how it would work in practice. Core areas covered included:

  • Behaviour impact and analysis task
  • Recognising situational emotional triggers
  • Case studies – cues we see
  • 5 key stages of building an effective conversation
  • Brainstorm what is a cohesive team and how to increase levels
  • Self awareness – understanding where your daily emotional temperature is
  • Daily mood scale
  • Pressure bucket
  • Upping your daily routine self care windows
  • Tools and quick time outs for self-care and inner calm explosions
  • Action plan and time line

Feedback included:

“I learned so much” Paul

“I’ve now learned I need to adjust my style to suit my team’s individual needs. I have a culturally diverse team. Up to now, I’ve spoke to them all the same instead of adjusting my behaviours to fit them” Ruta.

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