Positive Mental Health – It’s a Global Thing….

It’s so grounding to work virtually with people from different countries and cultures to learn how mental health is viewed in their countries.

This week, I had the honour of delivering the global, accredited I-act Managing Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing to delegates from China, Taiwan, Korea and Germany.

All highly engaged, sharing their experiences and insights into how mental health is viewed in their Home Countries. One thing is clear, people the world over are passionate and proactive to learn how to maintain optimum positive mental health whilst raising their awareness and confidence in supporting those around them.

What made the event even more special, was all delegates undertook the course as part of their journey to become an accredited I-act Instructor within their business.

The word is clearly spreading.

Positive mental health is critical not only to individuals, but to families, communities, businesses, economies – in fact, everything!

I’m so proud to be part of this global awareness.

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