Business can learn so much from this school….

38 minutes long – but worth it.

There are 24 hours in a day. Invest 38minutes watching this amazing film funded by #EdgeFoundation filmed by #SchoolsOnScreen featuring #XPSchool in Doncaster.

Question: Why would you on this business platform be interested in a film about a different type of school that gets results?

Possible Answer : You might want your children to go to such a school and start lobbying for one in your area.

My answer: imagine if your business followed the same ethos of bonding, compassion, challenging, believing, trust, integrity, reflection # #business#work#teachers#school – how awesome would it be?

XP School in Doncaster is oversubscribed – how many people want to work in your business?

XP School in Doncaster has made no exclusions since 2015 – how many staff has your business lost since then?

XP School has no budget to cover teachers – no one is ever off – what’s your absence rate within your organisation?

Spend 38 minutes watching this awesome film and ask your self – what changes could you make? what would be the potential outcomes?

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