Commitment – what does it really mean?

Commitment and integrity should go hand-in-hand.  Generationally, this doesn’t seem to hold true.


In recent years of running Growing Talent, I’ve noticed the younger applicants, or millennials as they are often termed seem to have an ‘instant’ mindset.  Which will not only be problematic to their future employers but to any meaningful relationship.


Through technology we have enjoyed instant gratification which has meant a total lack of appreciation!


If we want food, we can use an app and get something delivered quickly.  We don’t even need cash or a card to pay for it.  We can use our phones.  Do we appreciate that food in the same way as if we cooked it from scratch for ourselves?  Of course not.


Our weekly shop we can buy on line and get delivered.  Same with clothes, furniture etc.  Pretty much everything is instant.  How many times have we got substitutes in our orders we didn’t want or been disappointed in the quality of fabric etc in clothes etc ordered?


In addition the isolation this causes is also delivering serious problems with exasperated meal health issues.  Add in ‘working from home’ practices and these issues will only increase.  For the generations around before apps were the norm, there seems to be a better coping mechanism.  An appreciation that not everything is instant.


What’s prompted this piece?


Despite setting out criteria for taking part in Growing Talent, detailing the format and criteria in the Growing Talent Registration Form and again in the Agreement, those brought up in the instant, app for everything era – still expect to grow a career instantly!  On day 2 – despite not proving their commitment or reliability – one person continuously asked when they were going to be employed.


Are we brewing a generation who cannot commit, will not grow and nurture relationships instead want everything instant?


There is no app for an instant career or meaningful ‘real’ relationships.  These take time.  There are o shortcuts!


Where does it end?  Without commitment and integrity, what beholds us?