Orientation Week – Growing Talent 22

The purpose of this week is to instil confidence and self-esteem prior to going onto their employer sites.  The workshops and challenges are designed to bring out the best of everyone so they can be the best version of themselves!


As an introduction, everyone, myself included, has to do key milestone of their life in pictures and present it!  The reason for this is to show everyone we can do more than we think we can and to understand the black times we go through do not define us.  We are all talented human beings.  Some of us just believe this more than others!


First external workshop is the 3Rs delivered by Lesley head of Health & Safety at PwC – seen below on Tuesday 18 July – day 2 of our Orientation.


Lesley 3 rs

A complete focus on individual wellbeing – mind, body and soul! Sharing her background and current role as Head of Health & Safety at PwC, Lesley delivered and interactive, informative workshop where everyone learnt something new.

Lesley shared tips and tools to enable all Growing Talent Associates to look after themselves on their journey to complete Growing Talent and of course continue once they have gone into work.

Thanks Lesley!

We did various challenges on workplace communications, conflict management, assertiveness, nerve management, relaxation techniques, assertiveness as well as ‘fake it until you make it’ – Dr Amy Cuddy – check her videos out on YouTube.


The next external presenter was Unravelling Minds with their Art Therapy workshop – you could hear a pin drop as the concentration and relaxation levels soared.  Delivered by Emma below who shared her journey of descent and recovery in mental health….

Emma starting

Emma stayed for lunch and chatted more with the Growing Talent Associates.


As communication is such a big part of human – let along work – life, Jade of Customer Care First delivered a two hour workshop on different techniques and strategies to be effective communicators….


Jade pening CCF

A lot of laughs as well as learning!


The thread of communication wove through the week with the ultimate challenge of devising and presenting a social enterprise idea to a panel of managers from the employers taking part.  But this is a story on it’s own!  Check out the later post for more……

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