Day 6 of #MHAW22 – Self Care – Do You Prioritise?

Don’t get self-care confused with hobbies – i.e. going for a walk or a run a couple of times a week.

Our minds are powerful tools that have to be trained and nurtured or they can become destructive.

Looking at the segments in the picture above, are you really doing your best every day in all these areas?

We can only run on auto-pilot for so long. Prioritising daily, non-negotiable self-care is the only way to thrive and be there for everyone around us at home and work.

Prepare to have that conversation….

My 3rd tip for 21st Mental Health Awareness Week ‘prepare to have a conversation’. Think about where your head is at – are you emotionally in the right place to start a conversation?, have you got time to focus? location – somewhere private to talk, body language, words, tone, empathy NOT sympathy, how will you set your boundaries ion the conversation veers into an area you feel uncomfortable with? listen to understand NOT REPLY & ALWAYS reflect back to make sure you heard correctly.

Make sure you act on fact not feeling.

Day one – Mental Health Awareness Week….

It’s amazing to think it was 21 years ago the Mental Health Foundation introduced the idea of an annual week putting the spotlight on raising awareness of mental health.

Here we are 21 years later with many people still:

  • living in silence
  • self stigmatising
  • hesitating to start a conversation when they’ve spotted a change in someone
  • not practising non-negotiable, regular windows of wellbeing everyday
  • learning proactive tools to maintain their wellbeing and increase their resilience
  • not seeing how critical self-care is not only in preventing mind ill health and also in recovery plans

In recognition of Day One of this important week, I share one of my favourite wellbeing windows for self-care that I teach.

When brushing your teeth, set the timer on your mobile to 2 minutes, play your favourite dance tune and cut some moves in the privacy of your bathroom. It gets your blood pumping, clears your mind AND IT’S FUN!

Try it.


Talking yourself out of doing what you know you’ve got to do.

Our minds naturally amplify the negativity of what we fear. Trouble is, what we fear is what we care most about. We end up doing nothing, never move forward and beat ourselves up on our ‘failure’ to act.

Try this simple exercise next time you face the procrastination fog….

Let me know what you think………..

Be the master of your mind and stop your mind being the master of you!