One programme to deliver for all…..

…Talking about a proactive mental health and wellbeing programme which delivers first responder steps, is accredited, delivers 3CPD points is available in 11 different languages – why would employers choose anything less?

No, I don’t know the answer!

Do they think other programmes deliver more? Have they done a comparison? What is their goal in rolling out mental health and well being training – just a tick in the box? or do they want to really make a difference to their employees and business?

Without answering these questions, the wrong choice will be made.

Early this morning, I had the pleasure to work with delegates based at diverse locations from the same global employer on their journey to become in-house #I-Act instructors. At the end of our session, all became accredited in the manager version of I-act and continue their Instructor training.

I-Act Managing and Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing can be delivered to global employees at the same time. No need for country licences. All get a uniform experience enhanced by learning what is going on in different countries within their business from peers.

There is a non-managers version available for those who do not manage others – delivering the same critical steps. Understanding and Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing delivers accreditation as an I-Act Practitioner.

Delivering the lifelong knowledge of how to instigate personal, non-negotiable pro active self-care into hectic schedules across different cultures along with the critical first responder steps of how to start, manage and end conversations with team members who may be experiencing challenging emotional thoughts whilst setting personal boundaries to stay safe was interactive and inspiring.

Employers looking to secure an effective training programme in this critical field of workplace psychological safety – checkout how I-act can benefit you, your employees and business.

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People are unique – their training should be too!….

Excited to be devising a new 8 week programme for a team of people who will be looking after teams across multiple supply chains.

First programme draft in for discussion!

In the melting pot to be considered is:

  • How do you impact others? Do you really know?
  • Make your connections better
  • Identify your conflict styles – do they change in different situations?
  • Don’t focus on what you think is the obvious!
  • Putting you first!
  • I-Act Managing and Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing – global accredited course
  • Conversation work book – consider what to say and how to say it
  • What words? Use effective words when building sentences to connect with someone

Who knows where we’ll end up. A regular forum of support, maybe additional training – the options are endless!

I am always inspired working with clients who recognise the power of collaborative training for their greatest asset who are always willing to disrupt the norm. #inspiring #energising

Watch this space!

A word from Wing……..

Having completed Growing Talent and been part of the permanent team for a while now, has the ‘shine’ worn off for Wing….?

Clearly not! Wing embraced the opportunity of Growing Talent from the start. Even though it’s completely different to ‘traditional recruitment’ and the usual requirements of a cv, formal interview, previous experience etc etc….

Always smiling, positive and an encouraging support for his peers on the Growing Talent journey with him, it’s inspiring to hear how well things are going for Wing.

Looking for work is tough, but it doesn’t always have to be so. Why not follow Wing’s lead and checkout the Growing Talent experience?

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It’s said a picture is worth a thousand words……

I’ve been delivering both @Iact_training courses – Managing and Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing for those managing others & Understanding and Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing for non-managers across diverse industries within the UK and globally for a little over two years.

Diverse industries commissioning this training include higher education, engineering companies, corporates, facilities management companies and community groups.

Following collaboration with a client a little over a year ago, I introduced a couple of tools for the client to see any change in knowledge and outlook from where they were before the course compared to after. These took the form of a scale of the importance of proactive self-care and the scale of confidence in starting a conversation with someone who could be struggling with their emotions as key elements of their evaluation. In, addition a generic multi choice before and after poll is carried out.

Over the past couple of days, it struck me how powerful if could be to put the before and after scales scores into a graph to give a strong visual on change delivered. A lot of increased knowledge was revealed.

Below are the resulting scales from one higher education client based in the UK with international students over the past year. Students – all levels, academic staff, operational staff and FM team members and management have collaborated on the powerful tools and learning of @Iact_training.

The rare instances of no movement below illustrate people who hold senior posts in the mental health and wellbeing sector. Although, they did indicate new learning on their evaluations forms with the new way to look at, introduce and action proactive self-care (fun) windows into really tight personal schedules!

In these trying times, it’s even more critical organisations spend their money wisely and confidently see results.

Deloitte’s UK Mental Health Report 2022 states for every £1 invested in workplace mental health and wellbeing, £5.30 is returned.

A question I’d be asking is what’s the cost if that investment is not made?

Is it worth the risk?

Check this out!……

Some incredible opportunities confirmed – some from new employers taking part in Growing Talent for the first time!

Disrupting the traditional recruitment route.

The Growing Talent collaboration delivers a partnership of mentoring to someone who has lost their self confidence.

You’ve likely heard the phrase: 

“It takes a village to raise a child”

9 years of running Growing Talent has shown me it takes a multi-stakeholder collaboration to nurture people into permanent jobs, when they can’t see the talent within them, where they not only grow their career and make a difference to their employer but are empowered to be the best they can be for their friends, family and community.

More roles are expected over the next week for this London based initiative. 

Will the 32nd Growing Talent be the best yet?


Meet the latest accredited Practitioners in the global I-act Understanding and Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing course.

With over 50 tools to use on themselves and those around them – at home and work – coupled with the steps to consider in having a conversation on emotional pain – and how to compose boundary statements to always stay safe – all are now empowered to recognise a change in someone, start a conversation, enabling them to get the help they need and deserve whilst ensuring personal safety.

Delivered in four hours virtually – the course is ideal for any work environment across any industry.

How psychologically safe is your workplace?

Spreading the word of Growing Talent….

Yesterday I was invited to present the benefits of Growing Talent to Inam’s teams at JobCentre Plus covering Wandsworth and Putney.

Sharing the unique aspects of this established programme with work coaches enthused to learn and share with their customers looking for a different way to get into work was empowering.

We all carry labels in life. Some we covet – employed, home owner, holiday maker, car owner – but others are thrust on us: unemployed, single parent, homeless, care system leaver, domestic abuse survivor. 

These labels are heavy to bear, especially when we can have more than one label to carry at a time.

Overtime, we can feel more and more invisible as our confidence diminishes.

It can be like being in a deep dark pit with no ladder to start climbing out. Growing Talent is that ladder.

Together confidence and self-empowerment starts to grow, then flourishes throughout the journey until people have the self-belief and tools to take control of their lives back, make decisions and fly! Growing their job into a career is seamless opening up lifelong opportunities.

Growing the collaboration of Growing Talent with new stakeholders is exciting.

Collaboration delivers results….. do you agree?

Exciting meeting with @DavidSteeds & @Maddiemum @JCPinSthLondon yesterday planning @Growing_Talent 2023.  Four programmes will run throughout the year enabling forward planning for all involved. Targeting London based employers and unemployed people looking for a different journey into work.

In these challenging times, now more than ever this unique collaboration is needed to deliver positive results to all.

Thanks to all involved over 9yrs Growing Talent has run changing lives by delivering real social mobility 

What will the next year hold for Growing Talent?????

Who knows! One thing is for sure, we’re ready to roll that bowling ball!

Tell them…..

In these economically critical times, investment in the right training is crucial. Selecting a training programme that meets your employees needs’ to maintain their optimum wellbeing levels is clearly a ‘no brainer both for them and your business’.

But how do you know the training you’ve invested in meets the desired goals?

Well, first you have got to ask your delegates to give their robust and anonymous evaluations, but as delegates, we have got to tell our employers and instructors what we thought – even when we aren’t asked . It’s the only way, training will be effective.

Next time you are on a training course, don’t wait to be asked your thoughts on the content, tools and instructor……

tell them!

This is the best workplace mental health and wellbeing course I deliver….

I have delivered multiple mental health and wellbeing licences courses for clients keen to empower their teams in this critical area.

The introduction of ISO45003 – psychological safety in the workplace – in September 2021, coupled with the legacy of Covid left on many has seen an increase of interest in this area.

But how many organisations continue to keep engaging non-accredited, reactive, non-global uniformed programmes because:

  • It’s the product they’ve always used – (without exploring if it worked maybe?)
  • The product has ‘First Aider’ in the title (without evaluating if the resulting knowledge makes someone capable of being a ‘First Aider’)

I-act training is, by comparison, head and shoulders above the competition in this field, in my opinion. It delivers so much more, including:

  • Global delivery virtually – delivering uniform knowledge with local support resources
  • Accredited by the Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • Carried CPD points
  • Training in over 50 tools for proactive self care that can be used reactively on someone experiencing emotional pain
  • Robust manual for onward learning
  • Access to resources, news, films as well as international news in this field for the entire 3 years accreditation
  • Bespoke course for managers – which includes legal responsibilities
  • Bespoke course for non-managers

The feature picture above shows a recent group of newly accredited Practitioners from a leading UK University. An additional consideration for their commissioning organisation was the fact this accredited course would give them the ‘edge’ in their career search as a key differentiator. A great session sharing & learning together critical, accredited life skills for the workplace and beyond!

Learning proactive mind muscle building techniques ensures we are better able to look after ourselves as well as those around us.

What’s not to like?

Why would employers choose anything less for their most valuable asset?

If you are interested to learn what difference this training could make to your employees, why not contact me direct to find out more….?