Information Session – GT8

This morning saw the information session for Growing Talent 8 presenting to senior managers from all districts of Job Centre Plus – London and the Home Counties.

Some had travelled for over two hours to attend!

The venue was right on top of Embankment in prestigious offices.  For the first time I travelled by boat – amazing!  Just spending a few minutes taking in the scenery really put me ‘in the moment’.   Everything I had on my mind just melted away.

Camilla, William and Mehmet, seen in the feature photo above, agreed to share their journey on Growing Talent.  Camilla is now working for Portico, William for Harrow Green and Mehmet for MiteTDM.

Jordan from Growing Talent 2 was part of the Welcome team today!


After setting the scene, criteria to take part and showing a presentation, Camilla, Mehmet and William took the floor…………. and stole the show!

Mehmet William Camilla

The managers were inspired as was a new employer sitting in the audience who already has ideas on spreading the word within his business networks.


Finally,  Anna from the London district team of JobCentre Plus took the floor to explain the process, troubleshooting tips etc

Anna 2

The two hours flew past.  The audience was buzzing and we left in the firm belief Growing Talent would be the best programme yet.  Watch this space…….