You are what you eat – essential when on a budget – HBN

The final day of Growing Talent 21’s Holistic Week included the excellent nutrition on a budget workshop delivered by Kate from Healthy Bites Nutrition.  A registered nutritionist, Kate devised this workshop especially for Growing Talent Associates showing them that good food doesn’t have to be expensive to be nutritional and can be prepared quick and easily too!


After sharing lots of ideas for healthy snack swaps as well as packed lunch ideas, Kate ran a practical to make a healthy pot noodle using a variety of fresh, canned and frozen vegetables, dried herbs/spices and limes.


Were the guys up for the challenge……………. of course they were!



So what were the guys thoughts on this workshop?


“This was interesting.  I will definitely use some of the things I learnt to improve my diet”

“Great info to help eat healthily”

“It was great to learn about the different food groups”

“Learning about portion control and balance stand out for me”

“This gave me lots of ideas for quick, healthy lunches and of course saving money”

“Some great budget tips”


We ended after lunch when the guys left for a celebratory drink ahead of starting their permanent jobs!  What a journey!

The Metro showcases a story of pregnant women being incentivised to stop smoking with vouchers – Is this a good or bad idea?

What do you think?


Should having a healthy baby be all the incentive someone needs to stop smoking?


What happens if family members smoke around the baby? we all know the solid evidence of passive smoking.  Will the Council extend the incentive vouchers to family and friends?


Is there an element of sexism here?  Maybe ageist too?


It states ‘pregnant women’ which infers it excludes transsexuals – who born with female sex organs are still capable of carrying a child even though they are now male.  Can they claim the vouchers?


I can’t see an older mum shopping in New Look so are they aiming the vouchers at young people who know little of sex education, health and nutrition?  Would it be better to spend the money on target education earlier in schools?  Or is it right to reward bad life choices?


How do you monitor someone to ensure they have stopped smoking?


With all the pressures on local councils’ budgets, has Stoke-on-Trent Council spent this £16,900 wisely ?


Or do you think that this is value for money?


Maybe it isn’t as black and white as you might first think……  Thought provoking though