EU – Referendum – In or Out?

There is a lot of rhetoric for both sides in the media.  With the pound already dropping against other currency it’s clear uncertainty, as with all things, breeds panic and a knee jerk reaction which is often wrong.


Instead of talking ourselves into or out of staying in the EU, lets take a moment to reflect on the facts we know – not the rhetoric – of both arguments.


Rather than be led by the loudest voice, why not research ourselves the in and out arguments?  Isn’t it better to weigh up all possible scenarios and calmly cast our vote?  The danger of not thinking the facts through could mean:

  1.    We vote for the wrong ‘side’
  2.    We don’t vote at all.

How can we moan about the result if we don’t use our vote?  For women, how can we look ourselves in the mirror knowing our predecessors fought and some died for our right to vote and then we don’t use it.


Don’t be led by the ‘pack’ one way or the other.  The voices of doom for both sides will be plentiful over the coming weeks.  Instead, stop, breath, reflect and make the choice that is right for you.


This is a once in a generation opportunity.  Let’s not waste it!

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