Harness their knowledge

Whose knowledge?  trailblazing heads like Mouhssin Ismail.  Previously a successful but unfulfilled City lawyer, Mouhssin re-trained for a career in teaching and is now Head of Newham Six Form College.  Creating a culture of empowerment and self-belief, striking up relationships with Ivy League universities Mouhssin has seen several of his students reject offers from Oxford and similar UK universities to accept offers from Harvard etc.



With the debacle of education in the UK currently, why are we not harnessing Mouhssin and his peers  to learn what they do and how they do it to empower education in all areas of the UK to nurture their students to be the absolute best they can be?  Not every student will get nor want offers to Ivy League universities but it seems clear with this level of success Mouhssin is doing something unique and valuable.


All students of Newham, London and the UK deserve the opportunity to grow into well rounded, empathetic human beings – how else are we going to grow generations who have the tools to not only look after themselves but those around them and deal with any future catastrophes?

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