A beautiful, sunny Spring day in Central London is always energising. The mist of historic buildings including the Tower of London and London Bridge against the glass legacy buildings of global firms and City Hall with the Thames running majestically alongside makes it even more so.

PwC More London hosted Growing Talent’s information session today for pan-London JobCentre Plus managers to explore if Growing Talent would be the right journey for some of their unemployed clients.

Growing Talent has run for eight years. Anna and David – have been on the journey from the start as trailblazing cheerleaders to their colleagues at JobCentre Plus. Despite their intense day jobs, the still supported Growing Talent from the beginning.

Following a film and powerpoint presentation, a Q&A session followed.

Of course, the absolute stars of the event were Navin and Jamie, who despite intensely disliking public speaking, they always step up for Growing Talent! A fabulous double act, their heartfelt experiences, their humour and their latest promotions – and of course pay rises – held the audience’s attention immaculately.

Anna with Navin & Jamie

Members of JobCentre Plus pan-London asked lots of questions and were really engaged in the potential Growing Talent offered some of their clients.

Team JobCentrePlus!
Navin & Jamie networking!

Watch this space to see what happens next………..

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