Growing Talent – Keeps Growing!

A New Year sees the start of a new Growing Talent programme.  Now on the 8th programme having secured over 60 people into permanent full-time jobs!


So far 23 jobs have been pledged by various corporate employers and partners.  Wide ranging roles from Recruitment Consultants, to Receptionists, Administration Clerk, Security Vetting Supervisor, Industrial Cleaning Technicians, Hospitality/Food Services Assistant, Business Moves Porters, Mini Bus Drivers and Forklift Truck Drivers to name a few.  With a salaries ranging up to £25Kpa.


Looking forward to the personal growth stories that will follow……………..


If you know anyone who could do with some mentoring into a permanent job – direct them to………………..

Growing Talent 8 – Open for Employer Jobs

Anyone who is unemployed will easily tell you how difficult it is to secure a job.  Trying to ‘sell’ themselves at an interview with little experience or a large gap on their employment record is really difficult.


What doesn’t always spring to mind is how difficult it is for employers to select the right fit for their team/business from a characterless cv or ‘pressurised’ interview.  Recruiting in the traditional route is costly – not just in terms of money.


Growing Talent takes away the ‘fear of the unknown’ for both sides.


A supportive, medium for both parties over 12 weeks resulting in cost-effective, sustainable recruitment.


No cost to either side.


The only programme out there to focus on the holistic side of life/recruitment.


If you are recruiting, why not send your jobs to Growing Talent ?  Nothing to lose and everything to gain including savings on recruitment fees.

Nice to know you make a difference!

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I’ve worked in recruitment for decades – literally!  The latter part of my career has been spent devising bespoke employment programmes for people from all backgrounds who need a little ‘polish’!

The Real Apprentice programme, which I devised back in 2006 and ran until 2013, saw around 300 people go into work.  Some stayed in touch periodically. Some I never heard from again.  Others would get in touch when they needed some help.


Three years ago, Stephen was on the Real Apprentice in Glasgow.  He worked so hard he secured the winner’s title and £500 prize cheque!  I last heard from him when he was applying to BAE Systems and needed a reference.  It was great at the time to hear he was continuing to push himself forward.  The ‘polish’ had worked!  He continued to believe in himself long after the Real Apprentice ended.


Earlier this week, I was flattered when he got in touch again.  With plans to relocate to Oz he wanted some help with his cv – which I was glad to advise on.


This is what he sent back.


‘Thanks for taking the time to look over my cv and give me feedback, much appreciated. The real apprenticeship was where it all started for me and don’t think I would be where I am just now if I never had that opportunity and your advice and support throughout was fantastic! It gave me the drive to want to better myself and get me where I am today.’

‘Hopefully the next e-mail I send you will be sent from sunny oz.’  Stephen


It’s made me realise that even when we don’t feel we’re really making a massive difference to people, we are.  Never stop giving your time and encouragement to others it makes more difference than you might think!

Just do it!

Over the Christmas break I undertook some ‘administration’!  Finally sorting through those bits of paper, electronic files and e-mails in the hope of making identifying information more efficient in 2015!

I managed to do this but a valuable by product was finding a page of quotes some past and recent graduates of Growing Talent had sent.  They made me realise that even when politics raises its ugly head in trying to do something new, the value to people in the ‘just do it’ mantra I adopted many years ago makes it more than worthwhile.

‘There are no limits to growing talent.  Attitude, dedication and determination will decide your destination.’ – previous to Growing Talent this person had little education and zero commercial work experience.  They had researched and helped build a family website over a few months.  Now he is an integral part of the team of this manufacturer in Southwark.  He undertakes payroll – having passed all three levels of Sage, company records and administration.  His personal confidence has soared.

‘Be flexible and adaptable to new changes.  This will be a stepping stone to a great future.’  This accountancy graduate had a troubled early life having arrived in the UK as a refugee with her family.  Living in temporary accommodation with her family the uncertainty of home/work didn’t detract from her determination.  She is now working her way up a global management records company with her eye on their accounts department.

‘Stay strong! Remember why you are doing this and what your end goal is.  Make use of every opportunity you find’.  A graduate in communications with a passion for art and photography, this person was outwardly confident having been encouraged by parents, each with their own business, to succeed in everything from an early age.  However, on leaving university the jobs didn’t come and the confidence dipped.  They are now working in recruitment as a consultant and have set-up their own on-line business as well.

The guys wrote these quotes to encourage those following them on Growing Talent  Having been with them on their journey start to finish and still in touch with them know, it encourages me how much Growing Talent meant to them, what it has done for them and what the skills learnt on the programme will do for them in the future.

Having re-read these and remembered the individuals’ powerful journeys I am determined to ‘just do it’ when met with the ‘politics’ of partner organisations.

If you have read this, take the time to think of the difference you have made to others both at work and at home.  Be enthused at the impact you have on others and ‘just do it’ next time you are faced with a challenge!