‘Accept every challenge – work out how you will deliver it later’ – Richard Branson

Wise words from Richard which struck a chord with me when I first heard them a few years back.  It’s the only way to develop ourselves and recognise our full potential – I believe!


A few weeks ago,  I was invited to devise and deliver a bespoke workshop for the national arm of an international FM company.  The account they had in mind for the trial of this project is unique.  Set in a remote location the staff are often living and working in what can appear to be a separate world!


The workforce from the local community are tight-knit often by marriage and personal relationships.  This can be a good and bad thing depending on how healthy those personal relationships translate into the workplace.  It can be difficult when your partner is your supervisor at work?  How do you ever get any ‘me time’ to recharge those batteries which make a great employee?


The client requested three separate workshops be devised.  One for senior managers focussing on building their Personal resilience and recognising when they may be at risk of pressure impacts. A second for managers looking at what mental health actually is and whether ‘wellness’ is a buzz word or a critical business tool, the final workshop is for Supervisors one how to start a conversation and when/how to signpost someone on to the experience people who can help.


I was given a basic course brief and then given a free reign to devise something.  Yesterday, I delivered the first to the Senior Manager group.  With 12 senior managers who had travelled far and wide to attend the workshop in London, the challenge was on.


We spoke about the different tools we can use to make us mindful of our resilience and then some solutions to deliver increase personal resilience.  The workshop ran on with enthused discussion and questions.  Future plans were put forward and the end response was incredibly positive.


It shocked me how well I did.  I accepted a challenge for an area I wasn’t wholly prepared for and delivered something very special which was well received.


Richard is absolutely right.  Never doubt you can do anything.  Focus, research, immerse yourself in the challenge and you will succeed.

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