Who cares?

The circle of live shows each of us will need care at some point in our lives to varying degrees. For some it will be a gentle directional push as illustrated in the elephant feature photo. For others it will be more intensive and on-going support that is required.

Not everyone requiring ongoing, intensive support will be old. We need to see everyone as fellow humans needing support with value to add to the wider community.

As humans, don’t we need to ensure quality support is there at every stage?

We have known for a long time now that care workers in the UK were underpaid. Covid-19/Coronavirus has shone a spotlight on this profession. Government has acknowledged they are underpaid and we need to value the care workers. Yet our media has not kept the spotlight on the Government to do something. Ignore it and it will go away could be the thinking.

We expect strangers to take care of our elderly so we can get on with our own lives. Yet, if we don’t respect those carers, give them the time, support and financial rewards to enable them to focus on our relatives, our relatives will not have a caring, safe environment to live in. We won’t have peace of mind. The carers won’t have the energy to do the job they want to do well. Remember, one day we will be the elders in care. How do we want to be treated?

Even after the arrival of Coronavirus/Covid-19,the dedication and commitment , carers showed – they are still on minimum wage. In the community, carers chase between ‘clients’ doing one or two tasks but not staying to build an emotional connection because they have to get to the next ‘client’.

How is this right?

What about the hidden carers? Children brought up to be their parent(s) carer at the sacrifice of their ability to be a child enjoying play and education?

We need to give the investment to all carers now and make it a career choice that is respected and valued. Ensuring children who are carers can focus on their education and childhood whilst their parents get the care and support they need from the community.

Sometimes, as a country, it feels like we have so much but little of what really counts.

One thought on “Who cares?

  1. mentalhealth360.uk 9 Nov 2020 / 4:17 pm

    Yes, I believe all carers ought to be looked after and taken into consideration when discussing patient care at home. I too have seen chronically unwell patients living at home with only children to care for them. It’s a crying shame but how do we change it?


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