Escaping to the Lanzarote sunshine this Christmas break, it struck me how the world needs to work together to break the pain of the global pandemic that is Coronavirus/Covid-19 a bit like the global yachting teams seem to be.

Lanzarote apparently has a very close wind speed climate to Japan so we’d heard some teams were training here ahead of the next Olympics.

French teams equipment van was parked…..

just two meters from the Danish yachting team!

Later a training session was spotted with two yachts receiving instruction from a trainer in an accompanying dinghy… couldn’t see what teams they were though.

Just as the global yachting teams have adapted their training sessions to replicate as close as possible the Olympics maybe the world can work together on manufacturing enough vaccine to ensure the world’s population receives it and use existing infrastructures including armed forces, reservists, logistic companies etc.

Working together and thinking outside the box will conquer this pandemic, set future reputations and global relations.

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