Introducing the latest I-act accredited Managers!

From various sectors including education and corporate facilities management, all featured in the photo above manage teams. Now more than ever it’s been essential to ensure both they and their teams are as resilient as possible. This in turn will make their workplaces also resilient, profitable and enhance their brand reputations.

Kicking off earlier this month with the Royal College of Psychiatrists accredited I-act course all learnt tools for self and team care. Prevention is always better and more cost effective than cure!

One of the managers asked for a member of their HR team to do the other leading course from I-act – Understanding and Managing Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing designed for non-managers to evaluate which course would be the most beneficial to their business.

Vickie below embraced the unique opportunity to undertake this non-managers course on a 1-2-1 basis seen below with me.

The global pandemic has taken a lot out of all of us and will leave scars for many. Equally, it’s an opportunity to reflect where we are on the resilient scale and ensure we are as healthy as possible for what lies ahead as restrictions lift and a return to full-time workplaces return for many used to working from home or being furloughed for almost a year.

Are you keeping a check on your resilience?

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