LinkedIn is known as the ‘Facebook” of business where we can share interests, projects, make meaningful connections and join some great networking groups to learn and develop. That sounds a great resource.

Usually, if I’m hoping to do business with someone – I’ll check out what their social media profile is like and that of their company. After all, in business time is precious and a costly resource if wasted chasing the wrong potential contacts.

I must admit, I check out people on LinkedIn all the time. Pre-pandemic, before any event I went to – its a great resource to discover common goals and potential mutually beneficial business collaboration opportunities. Makes networking conversations much more interesting!

From the approaches I’ve had to connect in recent weeks, I’m starting to question am I alone in doing this research?

I understand the need for all businesses to secure new clients to grow their business once the pandemic restrictions are lifted but I almost feel LinkedIn is a sales platform not a collaboration platform for business.

I’ve been contacted by individuals from organisations wanting to sell their excellent products to me, clearly without doing any research first to see if I have staff, premises – which I don’t so why would I need cleaning, roofing or similar services?. 

There seems to be little thought in sending something like this that would definitely gain my interest – ‘I’ve seen your profile. I believe we have some common goals that could lead to mutually beneficial, collaborative business. Are you interested in a discussion?’

Instead I get approaches like ‘my cleaning company will deliver an excellent service to you at a competitive rate’

In other instances, I’ve had the creative approaches including “how meeting-up when restrictions are lifted to discuss what you are doing?” I’m all for being unique but this made me think what a @@@@@@

So in asking you if there is a better way to do business via LinkedIn, I have my own thoughts that I share with you now:

  1. Do your research for example with Companies House – find out if there could be an opportunity to do business – not just one way sales for you.
  2. Think of the words and tone you use – remember these can completely change the meaning of what you intended
  3. What’s in it for the individual/business you are reaching out to?

I’d be interested in your thoughts ……

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