Can you have a family in business?

How many times do we hear businesses describe themselves as a family that work together and play together?

Sadly, rarely have I found that to be true.

Don’t we all have a right to feel a connection with those around us, to trust others and feel we are trusted in return and a have definite sense of belonging within any ‘family’? Whether it’s blood relations, a community family or work? Family comes in all varieties.

Last night I was invited to join the Office Concierge family at their first in person award ceremony for three years in London. Their Spotlight Awards celebrate members of the team who have been nominated by their peers for categories of inspiration.

How awesome is it to inspire and nurture someone else to be the best they can to such an extent they nominate you for an award?

The event was held at one of their client law firm sites backing on to the River Thames. You couldn’t miss how beautiful London is at night when the lights bring an inviting atmosphere.

The client site has an exhibition of St Mungo’s which sparked a couple of thoughts for me. St Mungo’s create a family of support and trust with the people they support experiencing homelessness. The second thought is St Mungo’s thought on art aligns closely with the art workshop I deliver on Growing Talent. As Pablo Picasso said ‘art washes away the dust of life from the soul’.

Art is great for all of us. It enables a distraction for our minds to build the mind muscle essential to deal with life’s curve balls effectively.

Amongst the sequins, bow ties and heels was the laughter of a family together for the first time in a long time that clearly feel trusted, connected with a sense of belonging, for me the most memorable elements of the evening.

After delivering my spot on self-care, I left the family to present their awards and enjoy the gathering.

It was an awesome event to watch.

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