Mind Muscle…..

It’s always energising learning from people around the world about workplace issues including mind health of all staff.

Delivering the global, i-act (for positive mental health and wellbeing) training. Mental Health Training – manager’s level – to decision makers of a global facilities management organisation sparked discussion and insight into where our three countries sit in this important area of mind health – which of course impacts business health.

How mentally healthy we make our workplaces will determine whether that impact is positive or negative.

Having delivered multiple licensed mental health courses over the years, including those that have ‘First Aider’ in the title, i-act (for positive mental health and wellbeing) training. Mental Health Training is, for me, a clear winner that I always promote. Why?  

Unlike other products on the market, it delivers:

🎯 Over 50 tools to use in multiple ways on self and others
🎯 Delegates courses are accredited – not just the Instructor’s course
🎯 Uniform content and delivery – doesn’t require country specific licence
🎯 Designed for the workplace whilst useable anywhere
🎯 Aligns with ISO45003 – workplace psychological safety
🎯 A focus on proactive action with reactive steps to support others

The only thing that changes is the signposting to external organisations for specific issues, which of course is country specific.

Resources are tight in these times. This is true for any organisation – large or small.  

But what is the cost of not rolling out pro active mental health and wellbeing training to all staff, at all levels?


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